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    I’m heading to Vietnam and Cambodia in mid August.

    Sadly, neither country is on VF’s $5 roaming (which is odd given some of the places that are!) so I am faced with finding an alternative option (200Mb of data from VF is $50…!)

    Obviously I can (and will) use wifi where I can do so, but what is the most cost effective solution for using my phone for calls etc? Since it’s work, I’d like to be able to access voice mail and so on as well if I can.

    The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+ if that is important.



    Do you have a 2nd phone? Even an old one?


    You can buy a Sim at the airport in Vietnam after you collect bags etc and step outside, the guy inserted it for us on the spot and got it working, I think lasted us a week. Then the place we were staying at (can’t remember) just sent the bell boy? out down the road to get top ups for us! We gave them the money – it was so easy. Can’t remember what it cost but not much. Googling a bit seems Mobifone is the go to carrier.



    Haven’t been to Cambodia for a while but all I remember is being surprised at such a poor country but everyone had cell phones rather than landlines so am confident they’ll have something. I must have used something there.


    Alternatively can work pick up the bill given it’s work related??



    Adam Jobbins

    A local SIM is probably your best option. There are a number of ‘Travel SIMs” on the market, but they are generally pretty poor value. You’ll probably need a local SIM in each country, which could be a pain – but probably worth it.

    How long are you away for?

    Pays to bare in mind that if someone calls your phone while you are roaming, and you don’t answer – you’ll likley pay a charge for them to hit your voicemail, as it’s effectively routed the call to the country you’re in and back. Voicemail may not even work at all (unless your phone is off), as not all carriers have a ‘return path’ to your own network to route back to voicemail.

    Pays to also note that Cambodia is on vodafone’s ‘Rest of world’ rates, so while $50 buys you 200mb in Vietnam, it will only buy you a tiny 10mb in Cambodia!

    If you trip is short – a travel SIM might be a good middle ground option – easier than a local SIM and cheaper than roaming.



    Thanks Adam.


    Yes, I think you are right. I have no idea how the antediluvian world of roaming charges arises or is calculated. The EU have just informed all the operators in the EU that they are no longer allowed to charge roaming within the EU, so clearly doing without such charges is possible!

    VF’s charges for areas outside the $5/day are eyewatering. Viettel would sell me about 5Gb for the same cost as 200mb.

    I’m away for 27 days in total, about 14 in Vietnam and 11 in Cambodia with 2 days flying.



    It would almost be cheaper to use a satellite phone..! :-0

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