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    Hi all –

    First post here, have lurked for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

    I let my status slip to gold for a couple of years after being Elite for a while, and have a few long haul trips coming up in the next year or so. ย  I need a large number of status points (about 600) to upgrade and am Ok with the cost of doing this; just wondering what people’s experience is in terms of the most cost effective way of earning these.

    Having a look it seems a return airfare to Buenos Aires flying Premium Economy at the moment on special for ~$2900 would give me ~ 310 status points, whereas return to London, also on special flying Premium for ~$5500 would give ~370!

    I know it probably sounds outlandish, but the benefits are worth it to me, and I can have a week’s holiday somewhere… ย  If anyone has any tips / tricks in terms of what seems to maximise status points, as it doesn’t seem to be related purely to the $$ spent, I’d be grateful.




    On phone so will keep it short but I think departing east coast Oz sale fare through to LAX SFO etc return in J is ~$4400AUD for 598 SP.



    And hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜„


    just had quick look there there must be sales on now. Just plugged in some March dates and saw sale fares from Brisbane. Hope you find something suitable!

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    Steve Biddle

    Domestic is still the best bang for your buck if you need small numbers of points – it’s around NZ$700 now for 100SP using one of the well known exploits. Obviously that means lots of flying to get those points though.


    My wife just paid almost $600 return Welly to ZQR (out-f’in-rageous) and got (or will get) about 40 SP I think she said – enough for her to keep Silver.

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