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    Hi all –

    First post here, have lurked for a while 🙂

    I let my status slip to gold for a couple of years after being Elite for a while, and have a few long haul trips coming up in the next year or so.   I need a large number of status points (about 600) to upgrade and am Ok with the cost of doing this; just wondering what people’s experience is in terms of the most cost effective way of earning these.

    Having a look it seems a return airfare to Buenos Aires flying Premium Economy at the moment on special for ~$2900 would give me ~ 310 status points, whereas return to London, also on special flying Premium for ~$5500 would give ~370!

    I know it probably sounds outlandish, but the benefits are worth it to me, and I can have a week’s holiday somewhere…   If anyone has any tips / tricks in terms of what seems to maximise status points, as it doesn’t seem to be related purely to the $$ spent, I’d be grateful.




    On phone so will keep it short but I think departing east coast Oz sale fare through to LAX SFO etc return in J is ~$4400AUD for 598 SP.



    And hello! 👋😄


    just had quick look there there must be sales on now. Just plugged in some March dates and saw sale fares from Brisbane. Hope you find something suitable!

    Steve Biddle

    Domestic is still the best bang for your buck if you need small numbers of points – it’s around NZ$700 now for 100SP using one of the well known exploits. Obviously that means lots of flying to get those points though.


    My wife just paid almost $600 return Welly to ZQR (out-f’in-rageous) and got (or will get) about 40 SP I think she said – enough for her to keep Silver.

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