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    I booked some flights in the U.S. flying the above carriers. Any tips at all for getting the best seats etc?

    I choose Southwest Airlines where I could because they get good reviews – and offer the benefit of including carry-on and 2 checked bags within their standard fare.

    Adam Jobbins

    If you’re flexible with dates/times, a first class ticket is often not that much more than coach.

    Steve Biddle

    Well Southwest is no allocated seats – you board in order which is determined by your check-in position. If you’re wanting a specific seat you’ll either want to pay extra or ensure you’re checked in no more than 1 min after check-in opens 24 hrs out to get a good location in the queue.



    I flew SouthWest this year, and addition to what Steve has said above, the time you check in is important.

    There are 6 boarding groups: A, B, C and for each one 1-30 and 31-60.

    I didn’t pay any extra, however for my three flights, I did check-in as soon as the 24 hours ticked over. Both times I was in B1-30, which was good enough for me to sit in rows <15 and a window seat.

    I thought the no allocated seating was weird, however it all works very well. Everyone lines up before boarding, you chat with other passengers to see what number they are, then you stand in numerical order, and board that way.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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