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    I’m flying out to Sydney in a week on a AirNZ purchased ticket (Business Class) which is on a Virgin flight to avoid being on the HiFly Planes. On the way back it’s an AirNZ flight so I can use the AirNZ lounge in Sydney, but ex-Auckland, who’s lounge would I use?

    I see Virgin uses Strata lounge in Auckland which is a bit average, however as it’s AirNZ ticketed, can I use their lounge? Or would this not be an option as I’m not actually flying on their planes?

    Adam Jobbins

    You can most certainly use the NZ lounge when flying trans-tasman out of Auckland on Air NZ or Virgin Australia regardless of which airline ticketed or is operating the flight (under the NZ/VA alliance).

    I think VA only use the Strata lounge for flights beyond Australia, where their agreement with NZ doesn’t permit lounge access – but that would only be if you were on a VA ticket (regardless of which airline operated the flight).

    You’re on an NZ ticket, so can absolutely use the NZ lounge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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