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    I have to agree with this article. Air NZ does really well. Interesting they view themselves more in line with tourism rather than transport.


    I have always felt the crew were more jokey but in a relaxing way that isn’t unprofessional. I don’t get that from other carriers. Don’t get me wrong they’re nice, they deliver but I just don’t find them very engaging. My friend has flown a few other long haul carriers but prefers NZ due to the crew as well. I don’t know all the crew members but some of them will still come back to poke fun at you. That’s quite possibly just personality and maybe some kiwi culture at work but it is one of the reasons I love Air NZ.


    I’m not tall so I don’t have any issues with the seat. I’m fine in Y but like PE/J on longer flights where possible. I have to add they are an airline I trust. I’m making an assumption they have good aircraft maintenance and well trained pilots.


    I love listening to other peoples comments about the plane – yes my ears are flapping when I don’t have my earphones in and it’s pretty cool really.


    Yes I’ve read there are complaints but I’m capable of making my own assessments also and sometimes you just have to agree to disagree 🙂


    I’m glad they’re doing well and hope they continue to do so.

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