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    It drives me nuts that it doesn’t link to a boarding pass so often. It seems to be common on early flights, but it’s very frustrating. Can’t scan into Koru. The staff gave to check you in then give you a paper boarding pass.

    why is it so hard to have it work the way it’s supposed to?





    I don’t think I’ve ever used it to try and do that.

    I like paper boarding passes.



    I think it’s either because the flight is overbooked and they don’t want to allocate seats until they see who turns up, or else it’s because we book through Tandem whose systems seem to be only loosely connected to the rest of Air NZ


    Steve Biddle

    Was the booking booked originally with your Airpoints number? I’m assuming not.

    Unless your name matches your Air NZ profile exactly you will not be able to manually link a booking, and will need to call or have this linked by lounge staff.

    I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue except for a couple of occasions where somebody has booked me flights and booked it as “Steve Biddle” which obviously doesn’t match with my Air NZ profile which has “Steven”.




    Oh the booking is there alright. There’s just no link to a boarding pass or seat allocated. The app just says check in at the airport.



    The App stores some of your information “offline” can I suggest you refresh the App before you present it to the Koru lounge for entry it may be simply the information on your phone has not synced with the Air NZ servers.



    Weird, I’ve never had that problem before. But I’ve never booked through Tandem either. I did make enquiries at one point about Tandem as an individual but they seem to book companies with a certain spend and we already have a travel agency (that I don’t use).


    Wonder if anyone else can provide experience in checking in via the app when booked with Air NZ via a travel agent. A friends company used to use Tandem but I have a vague memory of them changing from them. Her main travel is international though so she may just do the person – person check-in with luggage as the app otherwise doesn’t save you any time (although if running late may be useful).


    I’m not really a tech person but generally get told to log in and log out of the app, or uninstall and reinstall apps to see if that fixes things. On occasion its just been me and my device for some reason. Do you have a tablet with the app you can try? Have you asked anyone else with Tandem bookings if they’ve had issues checking in via the app?

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