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    I was browsing the point hacks site when I read that AA were dropping out of the AKL-LAX route for a couple of months. Here is the NZ herald article:


    Do any kiwis actually fly AA? I understand that if a sale fare were to occur it would be tempting to fly them but I can’t quite bring myself to stray from NZ on this route. I figure the US airlines are more of a target for attacks, I prefer NZ wines and I guess I know what I’m getting vs trialling AA. Although with this latter point of view it means I don’t trial other airlines so much. I’ve flown VA’s A330 which I think is very good and seems to be the same product as the 777 but without the bar so in that sense I should actually look forward to trialling AA’s product which is very similar. But I don’t.


    Interesting they’re bringing their 789 down under next.

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