Since making inflight Wi-Fi services available to the public on an initial four Boeing 777-300s just over a week ago (refer Air NZ Wi-Fi launch), Air New Zealand have already cut the price by 25% - dropping it to NZ$30 from an initial NZ$40.

When asked about the price drop and whether adjustments would continue a spokesperson from Air New Zealand advised TravelTalk NZ "As this is a new service, we're still exploring customer demand, satisfaction and pricing options and we expect that pricing will evolve over time. Customers are able to pay with their credit or debit card, or with Airpoints Dollars."

They continued "Customers are able to access to email, messaging, social and web browsing and should expect to get speeds suitable to support this. Short video clips, such as those you find on YouTube or news websites are able to be viewed. We also allow music streaming."

It certainly seems likely there will be changes moving forward as other airlines offer a range of price points including free. It's also noteworthy the fee has so far been the same on both short and long haul flights.

The latest speedtest from a friend of TravelTalkNZ showed an improved result compared to TravelTalk NZ's initial Air NZ Wi-Fi Review in January 2018. Average speeds were still around 2Mb/s, however one speedtest yeilded a result of over 8Mb/s as shown below.