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    I recommend going anywhere in the South of Brasil, this is mostly because the south is the food basket of Brasil and is slightly safer for foreign travellers, the further up, you go in Brasil the more desperate and poor the locals are, I suggest not wearing any bling, I never over dressed except when going to church, I only spoke English around family remembers and the rest of the time I just pointed to things, what are your thoughts, am I being to harsh, it’s not my intention, I love Brasil and would have happily stayed there, but for women brasil is very tuff, and my wife at the time could not cope, after the freedoms and style of living we take for granted in a place like NZ, so we had to come home, which isn’t all bad, but living in Brasil was so cool, imagine 100s of thousands of people on one continues beach on new years eve, with 100s of cars parked on the beach each with their own massive beatbox music playing at the loudest possible level, include the crazy light shows the cars had fitted out, imagine helicopter’s flying overhead with police with machine guns hanging out the open doors, And your in Brasil baby.

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