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    Any thoughts on when travel freely again. I’m not keen to head to Australia if the return journey involves a 14-day quarantine in a random location at my cost. Rarotonga would be nice in the short term, but keen to spread wings a little further when the opportunity arises.


    I’m expecting an opening to Australia to be announced in November as long as this govt doesn’t drag out talks and take forever to allocate ministerial portfolios etc. I can’t see them allowing quarantine free travel from NSW and VIC just yet. Should have been announced by now if we didn’t have an election!

    The pacific islands likely next opening. Of the islands Air NZ used to fly to I think only Tahiti has an issue with COVID currently. If we can do Oz and the pacific islands safely I’d be pretty happy with that.

    I’d look to Asia next year to see if countries like Taiwan are allowed in to either NZ or Australia. I saw a recent stuff article from an epidemiologist suggesting very low risk countries like Australia could self quarantine for 14 days but I can’t see government doing that to Oz. Govt doesn’t take all the advice thrown at them (thank goodness).


    I wouldn’t mind seeing a trusted traveler type system set up where, as long as you have a safe plan and deemed trustworthy enough to execute it then you can travel elsewhere but quarantine at home. Great if you can work from home. Most people do the right thing. Wishful thinking on my part! Things look pretty dire in the US/EU right now so, wait and see.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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