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    I found out through a friend about I guess a netjets type set up operating down under. They like their planes too.


    I think it’s 19AUD / mo to be a member although they’re offering a 7 day free trial if you want to register and look. Also a years membership free if you have platinum with either QF or VA which they will confirm with you up to 72hrs later.

    If you see a flight with advanced notice and know enough people who may want to fly privately as part of their bucket list that can fill the seats then it can actually work out cheaper than a regular domestic ticket. Apparently they do TT flights also but given you’re flying the empty legs you have to take what you’re given.


    Just a thought!

    Paul Spain

    Oh, that looks like fun!


    Agree! Will just watch and see what some other prices and routes are like while I try and gather an army 🙂

    My friend said they found Oz-AKL ~ $300 pp (that doesn’t quite fit with numbers below but… we’ll see over time)

    They only have domestic oz currently but say for 14 seats MEL-SYD (Essendon to Bankstown) is 3150AUD ~225AUD ea On Qantas seeing a few flights at 172 otherwise 230 on the day. Comparing same day dates.

    MEL-Gold Coast 5250AUD ~ 375AUD ea, the lowest business class seat on QF is 724 otherwise 1452. Granted JQ has fares for 136 but I imagine closer the time some of these prices may start to look attractive as the fares go up for mainstream carriers.

    They do also fly UK/EU.


    I like the idea of that….

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