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    I tried Mach2 out of SYD and Corvetto out of BNE and I think they’re both wonderful and way better than any lounge food (although lounge food is pretty good). Both are landside.


    I did notice Corvetto listed the plane rego’s on their arrivals board which seemed pretty cool although if you wanted to track the flight then flight number and carrier is enough. It’s definitely a good option to eat at if someone is seeing you off and you want more time and your guest is free. I think I had to show a boarding pass for SYD (was awhile ago now), but showed my NZ drivers license in BNE to match the card name.


    Departures for me may now involve using a priority pass restaurant, then heading through to security for the lounge. What do others think? Or are you all happy heading for the lounge?


    Not sure if I’d run out and get priority pass if it didn’t already come with a cc. I have been grateful to use other lounges when flying weird carriers / sky team although in general they’re nothing like the proper airline lounges.

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