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    Parking in Auckland is ridiculous. Anyway there’s a couple of apps people may find useful. I’m just fumbling my way through them myself. Not sure how good they are as I saw a sign in someones car saying they’d paid via the app already. I’m thinking they got stung by a parking warden at some point!





    PMN&W50% is a promo code for park mate. Just received an email today saying they’re going to merge to just one app soon which should just update on your phone plus this promo code – goodness knows we could do with a promo in Auckland!

    Actually the park mate app should be good for wilson parking etc outside of Auckland also – yay! Always hated going to a machine then walking back to the car to place the ticket etc……

    Paul Spain

    I try and avoid inner city parking by using Uber from my city fringe office. Saves time and quite cost effective.


    I’ve even parked at the ferry over the shore and then gone into the cbd for an appt just to avoid cbd parking. Especially after I met a friend for lunch and I swear it was maybe 30mins and it cost ~ $10, just as much as my lunch! I found the AT park app useful for the downtown car park by the viaduct and park mate for Smales farm run by Wilson and tomorrow need to be in Newmarket. Found a spot for $4/hr, hopefully only need an hr but just checking pricing, opening times etc is good and being able to pay via an app instead of going to machines I think is a big advantage. Looks like the park mate app has updated as yesterday it said Wilsons. Was able to add the promo code to the app as well so it remembers, because I sure don’t! When I added it it did say something about “select times” and you can only use it 10 times until Jan 2018 but if I save great! Hate paying full price for anything. Sometimes staying at hotels in the CBD is also expensive for parking so knowing where the parking is and how much is useful for planning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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