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    preferably looking for hard case spinners, ideally I can “Russian doll” a couple so I can trip to US with ‘one bag” and return with two 🙂

    anyone got any tips on brand, value, etc?

    Briscoes had a 50% off the American Tourister cases last weekend.  Seemed a good price for the Samsonite sub-brand.  Are they any good?

    My Samsonite hard cases I bought 15 years ago are still more or less as I bought them… just old style, and less practical for packing in car boots, thus looking to replace.

    Steve Biddle

    I was looking at luggage recently as my main wheeled bag I take is now about 10 years old and starting to suffer the affects of too many conveyer belts.

    I’m a fan of soft wheeled bags rather than hard cases and to be honest looking at lots of the Samsonite stuff lately feel it’s now built to a price rather than feeling like a robust product. I do have a High Sierra bag which is another of their brands that’s performed well.



    I really liked the high Sierra bag I had but the supporting rods broke. I think it lasted less than 2yrs. I prefer the soft fabric bags because of the compartments making access to various things easier. I did switch to the Samsonite but bought on sale as I travel with a bit of wine sometimes and thought that might be more protective but the ONE time I forgot to ask them to put fragile tags on and I had wine in my bag it came onto the carousel 1/4 squished! Even other people were gasping!! haha but wine was all good actually and it’s easy to push the dents out. I find having to open up the case on the floor annoying as you can’t really do that on hotel benches. I’ve had the locks on the samsonite seemingly change the combo’s and ended up flicking through the numbers really quickly to open it. Bit of a panic as had left the passport in there and needed it for check-in quickly! Anyway seems to be lasting so far but I can see some other bits breaking down. I’m going to buy a smaller black wolf fabric bag to replace another one where the zips became dodgy just because I miss the compartments and want to travel with a smaller bag for shorter trips and domestic.


    I haven’t done much homework on various bags but am accepting they’re going to need to be replaced now and then through wear and tear.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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