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    My Girls live in the South Island and have just started the new Ski season, they live under Mt Hutt and love living there. I joined them for a ski day last year and saw them Skiing for the first time, they were amazing, this is all good, but the down side for life style is that they have to Travel to Auckland every 3 or 4 weeks to visit me, which can be quite stressful especially for the youngest one, usually the flights are really good and the girls are always taken care of by the flight crew, and as Air New Zealand is the only one providing the service, they do a good job, it is important to note that up until mid 2016 it was a free service, now they add a $30.00 service charge, but that’s all good. I don’t think I would let them travel alone internationally yet, but I think between the trips to Auckland the countless trips to Brazil mostly for the eldest one, they have traveled an immense number of miles for young ones. Cheers Greg


    I have seen unaccompanied minors on a couple of airlines. The NZ ones have been down the back and to be honest well behaved and kinda cool to see how helpful they have been to each other and whether or not they react to turbulence. Only one seat kicker! Been funny listening to conversations between adult passengers and the kids too. FA’s are great with them.


    Another kid on qantas looked like a frequent flyer. She looked familiar like I’d seen her on another flight but just looked like it was all just the norm. I think she was ferrying between parents.


    I’ve flown my nephew domestic alone. I saw him off and he was trying to hide his minor tag under his clothing cause – y’know that’s not cool!! haha. I think direct flights are easy peasy, connections I’d probably look at that wristband thing so you can kind of track them. My nephews are old enough to answer the phone but stupid enough not to have it on or its on vibrate etc etc.


    I’m not sure who I’d worry about more, my nephews or my ageing dad!


    I’m really keen to take my nephews overseas but mother isn’t keen so will ask again when they’re older. Australia she is fine with but not the US, not sure what she thinks of Asia.

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