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    I’m stopping over in Houston on my way home from the US in May. I fly in from NOLA and have Wednesday afternoon, all of Thursday and most of Friday, needing to be back at the airport for about 1800.

    I was going to visit the Space Centre. There is a nice hotel there, the Hilton Clear Lake. Alternatively, the Hilton Pole Oak downtown. I have Hilton membership.

    The Space Centre has, as far as I can tell, zero public transport options so either I am going to have to drive myself or use Uber/Blacklane/Similar.

    Has anyone been to the Space Centre and is it worth staying local to it, or better to stay downtown and travel there?

    Steve Biddle

    I’ve been to the Space Center twice, and both times have been by car.

    I assume you mean Hilton Post Oak, not Pole Oak? I’ve stayed there a couple of times as well.

    There are buses that goes from Downtown, but the Post Oak is in the Galleria area, and not downtown itself, which means you’d need to get across there first. Looking on Google maps that would be about 2 hours each way.

    I was going to stay at the Hilton Clear Lake when I was there last time, but opted for the Holiday Inn Kameh instead for an IHG points promo.

    I don’t really have a view as to what’s best – but if you didn’t want to hire a car it’s potentially going to cost more than an Uber, which looking at it now is US$30 from Hilton Post Oak.

    I do recommend staying in the Galleria region rather than downtown. Downtown Houston isn’t really a convention downtown and has nothing there. The Galleria area is the best spot.





    Answer is still the bus. But rome2rio is a useful app for comparing various transport options in the one place instead of opening Uber to get a fare, then looking up bus fares etc.


    I stayed at the Galleria in the end – in the Hilton Post Oak.

    Interesting area and amazing mall to shop in if you have spare cash! If anyone is looking for Rimowa, that is available in several of the stores there but the USA is not a very competitive place to buy it – Australia is cheaper since you can get the GST back and Germany is cheaper still.

    The Hilton was in need of a refurb and was looking a bit tired. I was on the 14th floor with Executive Club access. Hilton have a lot to learn about Executive Clubs in hotels and should spend some time in a Sofitel in Asia! It has a free shuttle to take you anywhere you need to go within 3 miles of the hotel.

    On the other leg, I stayed at Staybridge Suites near the airport at IAH. Recommended – has free food in the evenings, free breakfast, free coffee and soft drinks all day and was very comfortable. Free airport shuttle.


    A family friend didn’t think much of Hiltons in the US. I didn’t really ask how often she stayed with them. So I don’t tend to expect much.


    The Staybridge Suites sounds good with free food and shuttle. One to keep in mind maybe.

    I have to admit I’m tending towards the extra space these days. Last thing I want is to be stuck in a box.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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