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    I remember the first time I saw a 70 year old man in a thong during a trip to Rio, with his 80 year old Wife ? Girl friend ? in the most revealing swim suit I have ever seen, or the first time my own wife at the time, walked on to Piha Beach in West Auckland wearing a tiny black swim suit in high heel stiletto’s, it’s only after seeing such things that you start to ask the question, are people from South American countries that different from us, and the answer is yes, Brazilians view their bodies and their sexuality quite differently from Westerners, it seems they are taught from age dot that they are beautiful even when to western eyes they are not, and sex is more of a natural act then a smutty concept, like it’s sold and packaged in the west, it really is refreshing if not a bit shocking at first, the South American way is much healthier, then our sad ways, but it’s not all a bed of roses, Brazilians can be quick to act and a tad slower to reason, would love to hear from anyone who might view this line of thought differently, as always I love Brazil and everything about it, and it would be a great day when in our own country every body saw themselves as beautiful. Cheers Greg

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