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    I know I’ve taken the bus to a remote gate before at AKL but for the life of me can’t remember where I caught it from. Pretty sure it was the gates 1-10 arm though.

    Just recently departed from gate 16 a-d which are all set up for bus departures. I was running late and figured the guy in front of me was on the same flight because he was running too! Anyway he was ahead and at gate 16 did a U-turn, there’s an elevator right next to the stairs. Going down the stairs I thought ‘this feels like I’m about to get on a bus!’ and sure enough….  never departed from here before.

    So if you see 16 a,b,c,d – you’re on a bus!

    The best thing about the bus is getting to see big birds closer but from ground height 🙂


    I was going to upload some pictures but no joy. Converted them to JPEG and put them through a compressor 🙁

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