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    Partner is flying Fiji Airways Auckland to LAX return.

    Where does the US screening chin wag occur? Is that Auckland or Nadi?

    Anyone know if airport upgrades are sometimes cheaper than Bula Bid? It’s currently at NZD1175 for the Nadi – LAX leg so not an option for the product. He thinks it might go down closer the time but it’s less than 1 month away so I doubt it.

    Probably going to stump up for the exit row on the long legs and just ask for aisle seat on the shorter Nadi to Auckland legs at check-in. Loads look ok so far on expert flyer.

    I think he’s sorted for lounge access with priority pass via Strata at Auckland and Fiji Airways Premier Lounge at Nadi. For LAX I think PJ Changs looks good for food then the KAL Lounge but I’ve never actually used priority pass in 2 places at the same location.

    Anyone have any idea what food & beverage is like in economy? Would you take snacks on board for the long legs? I’ll get him to take the old water bottle and fill up pre-flight.

    Any tips appreciated.




    Bula bid was a joke. Difficult to find on the website. And ridiculous pricing ie more than a round trip ticket. Also in the lounge was approached for a 2k upgrade. (Excuse me?? :P)

    Slept like a log in extra leg room seat. Jealous he does this better than myself. Price was different in different directions ~90 over and 170 on the return. Did this on the long haul legs only. Doesn’t seem worth it for shorter legs to pay extra. Had A330 the whole way.

    Said food was ok. Curry stuff. Breakfast not that great. Man of few words. He had access to the Fiji lounge with priority pass which he said was quite good and was grateful for the shower.

    KAL priority pass lounge is closed when the Fiji Airways flight departs LAX and they have cut access to the restaurant PF Chang. I see Qantas is now allowing pay per use access for their lounges as long as it doesn’t impact their own customers.

    Clearing transfer was awful on the way back through. One person on.

    Also managed to get his mini bottle of whisky confiscated on the way over. Oops. He should have told them at duty free he was transferring through so hopefully they would have put it in a sealed bag. Or he should have bought it in Fiji.

    I bought a replacement for him on my way out which he didn’t finish. Returning to NZ he was over the alcohol limit due to a purchase for friends but I told him customs would just wave it and they did. It was 200ml and he only had half so instead of binning it he got to keep it. (Should have listened to me in the first place and taken the other half used mini bottle he had sitting in the cupboard!)

    Anyway, sounds like it mostly worked out well for him.

    Steve Biddle

    It does seem to be a semi popular option via WLG these days to get to LAX. I’ve heard of a few friends of friends who have done it, and I’m surprised they don’t make a bigger push in terms of marketing this.


    I saw their marketing once. It was in the newspaper. Pricing is probably what works in their favour most.

    I asked a question on social media and received no answer either which was disappointing.


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