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    Oh god. What were they thinking?


    Not only are chunks of it fairly unintelligible to anyone not under 25, I should think, but it is just “musically” awful. IMO it fails it’s purpose as a video to inform all passengers on board of the safety features etc.

    Don’t the videos need FAA approval or something? Surely this did not pass. I could see passengers reaching for headphones, grimacing.

    Time these novelty videos were put to bed except for special occasions, I think.



    “Heard” it for the first time Chch->Auckland Sunday evening (was row 1, so didn’t see it).
    I commented to the staff that it sounded like “really bad karaoke at an office Xmas party” 8-).

    Saw it Auck->LA (had obviously seen it online, but hadn’t seen the full/aircraft specific version).
    OMG – it is unintelligible. Putting aside my musical preferences, I almost wanted to apologize to all of the international visitors on the flight.

    I do think they can do the novelty videos and still deliver the safety message relatively well.
    eg. Men in Black

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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