Unfortunately this is the action of a monopoly. Under the pretence of keeping the company solvent Air New Zealand will hang on to ALL prepaid tickets funds and use any and all excuses to delay paying it back, even if legally required to do so like US flights.

Air NZ has had over 2 months to organise the credits to be accessed through the Air NZ App now I read it won’t be ready until late July. Seriously? Nothing pleases a loyal customer more than waiting on a phone (being told your call is important to them) to attempt to arrange new flights. Flights purchased on the App should be able to be changed on the App.

It’s clear Air NZ is in survival mode like every other business in the world BUT they won’t be profitable long team if they don’t look at their actions now. They have access to the 900 million government line of credit but they have chosen not access this. I guess holding on to money for services you haven’t provided is a better line of credit. You now see how a monopoly operates !

I watched with anger the interview with Cam Wallace where he talks about how they are doing all they can to be Fair. How can he be taken seriously, he reminded me of Trumps former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Come on Air NZ do the right thing, do you really want to remembered as the company who has already been bailed out once by the NZ tax payer only to repay them by sticking to the stick letter of the current law?