It’s a pretty short flight across the ditch. LATAM and sometimes Qantas red eyes provide amenity kits on the Tasman. Maybe eye mask or something on Emirates which were day flights so never bothered with those.

NZ isn’t the best seat in seat mode. Agree it’s a pain to cloud watch and turn around for the drinks stand. Something I’m sure they’ll fix when they eventually update the seat properly.

Bed mode is great 🙂 which is useful given they do a lot of long haul flights overnight. I’ve pretty much decided if it’s day flying with NZ I’m only aiming for premium economy. Feel like dozing at best rather than sleeping. Night flight I think lie flat is nicer so aim for business or economy SkyCouch although PE is fine too.

Other airlines to fly on the ditch are Qantas A330s to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney, LATAM to Sydney, China airlines to Brisbane, Emirates from Christchurch to Sydney & in November Singapore Airlines Wellington to Melbourne on their A350 for more of a long haul lie flat experience. It’s not necessary on short flights but the option is there. Qantas and Virgin have recliner seats for business on their 737s which are more like PE on Air NZ except I think I prefer Air NZ. China Airlines and LATAM are generally cheapest for business.

With the EY partnership it’s generally going to be VA and NZ for the Tasman leg. You could always swap out with someone in PE for that leg. I’ve thought of doing that.