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Steve Biddle

Just using your contactless credit card or phone is the easiest approach – but obviously if you have multiple people they’re all going to need their own card to use this approach. Usual ~2.5% conversion rates are going to apply for credit card charges, but this is the same as what you’d pay if you purchased an Oyster card with a credit card.

I’d seen advertising the kids Oyster cards when I’d been there in the past and assumed they actually needed one of these special cards to travel free but reading up on this it seems this isn’t required for free travel, presumably you can just show something such as their passport to staff at the barriers to get out.

Just be aware if you are with ANZ that contactless overseas can be problematic. It doesn’t work at all in the US – and while I used it when I was last in London which was two years ago now, it did stop working after a day and I had to switch to another card.