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I have “Silver” status, was gold but dropped last anniversary. I also have the Accor Plus card – well worth the ~$300/yr. It gives you a free night somewhere (anywhere) that can pretty much pay for the card. It also gives you discounts on dining and even booze in some countries. Family trip to Queenstown: stayed in Novotel. 2 adults, 2 kids. Kids eat free at many of these properties. Used Plus card for Dinners and Breakfasts. Breakfasts costs ~$30 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Pretty good value! I also often use the card for ‘express lunch’ over the road at the Sofitel. $30 express lunch becomes $30 express lunch for two with the Accor Plus card.


Unfortunately it’s increased to $385 although it looks like they had a promo end of 2016 with MasterCard where it was only $308. It is also part of the amex charge. Unfortunately at resort properties breakfast is excluded from the Accor plus dining discounts. You can still use your breakfast certificate though. The 10% member discount and red hot room deals are good too although I’m yet to make use of those.


I forgot to add – if you’re going to get the A+ and ibis card – get the A+ card FIRST! If you get the ibis card first it attaches to your Accor number and then you have to create another email and login for A+ which is a hassle. Then if your membership expires you need to chase them up to put your points etc into the Accor account. Not to mention not being able to see your bookings on A+. Found this out the hard way and had to let both A+ and ibis cards expire. I do love that Accor’s cards are updated digitally very quickly prior to the card arriving.

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