The latest newsletter had a comment about domestic checkin changes with a link to the following:

“Important changes for check in and departures

Barcodes on printed e-ticket receipts are no longer accepted at the gate scanners, as boarding passes when travelling on domestic flights.

Epass tags are also no longer recognised at the gate or lounge entry scanners. These were issued to frequent flyer Airpoints Elite, Gold, Silver and Koru members several years ago.

This change means that you’ll no longer receive a paper chit with your seat number, from the gate scanner when boarding your flight.

Passengers will need to either check in online or via their Air NZ mobile app, to attain a boarding pass on their mobile device, which they can use to scan at the gate or at lounge entry scanners.

Alternatively, passengers can still attain a printed boarding pass at our airport kiosks to scan at the gate as you board, or at our lounge entry scanners.”

It does say that you need to check in via the app to get a boarding pass yet in my experience a boarding pass is shown without clicking check in – perhaps this won’t be the case from Friday.