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Decades ago I was flying to Vietnam via Singapore. The flight centre travel agent didn’t say anything about needing a visa and I would have heard if she did as I had NEVER needed a visa to go anywhere before. I was denied boarding in Singapore because I didn’t have a visa. I was fuming!!! Stayed with a friend who tried to calm me down and we decided I should go to Cambodia – it was close and you could pay USD$1 on arrival, so that’s what I did. Called the travel agent and she was really apologetic and said she’d pay but also defaulted to the ‘fine print’ of check if you need visas etc.


Lucky I was flying by the seat of my pants and didn’t have accommodation booked so didn’t lose out on that part and turns out Cambodia was a much better destination for only 1 wk off. Aiming to head back next year to show my partner. Doing Angkor Wat totally ruins you for other temples though as you’re like ‘meh – Angkor Wat was better’. The whole Pol pot regime was a real eye opener for me and going to the killing fields where you could see the pits and the clothes coming up through the ground. Really crazy how evil some people become.


Eventually got to Vietnam but I let my partner sort the visas prior to departure.


I have to admit I tend to read lonely planet regarding requirements and still use google for travel requirements. I had read about being scammed by other websites. The Air NZ website has a link to the official ESTA website. Lucky there aren’t too many places where Kiwi’s require visas 🙂


Never needed any travel jabs but there are actually specific travel doctors / GPs you should go to.