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I’ve been using kayak for years now. I bought the pro version for $6 as a one off in-app purchase years ago but they discontinued that earlier this year. I still have the pro features so I guess they’ve just incorporated the pro features to the basic app.

I’ve added tripit recently just to compare for a few months or a year. I have to admit the annual fee for the tripitpro features really grinds on me. I’m only using the basic version so far but I really don’t see myself upgrading at all.

Both apps are pretty similar in that you need to edit trips sometimes when adding bookings because it makes up a new trip instead of slotting it into the correct trip. Both will keep an itinerary etc which was really the basic function I wanted.

Tripit didn’t seem to like a couple of my Accor bookings which I had to send through again for it to pick up. It has my Air NZ parking confirmations under ‘unfiled’ and trying to save it to a trip prompts me to type it in manually 🙁 . Both kayak and tripit are easier to edit, merge trips etc on the website. The app seems a bit more limited.

Kayak has always picked up bookings I’ve sent them and it slotted the parking straight into the trips. Even random emails from small operators the info still gets in there somehow 99% of the time.

Kayak gives you flight notifications including baggage carousel number and also has a flight tracker as well with visual map. Not as detailed as flightradar but still damn good and the little plane actually moves:) You don’t need wifi for this. Kayak has the terminal maps although it really is just an overview, easy access to the airline websites and I quite like the explore feature. I can click on the icons within kayak to go straight to the email referenced for booking without having to sort through these in my own emails. Infrequently I need to look back at these. You can still share your trips with people easily enough. Kayak gives you a location map sometimes, quick access getting directions in google or apple maps and the ‘show your driver’ address flashcard which is really useful in foreign countries when you can’t pronounce or spell things. Best of all I feel like I have all the pro features with kayak and it’s free 🙂

I used Wallet for the JQ flights to keep a record if I lost the boarding pass then just delete after the flights credit.

Realistically I’ll mainly just use these apps to remind me who I booked with then go to the appropriate airline / hotel app. I’ll admit I’ve gone back to using a diary for the year planner at the front and just days where theres a long to do list. The phone calendars are good but I’ve lost info or it gets moved around changing time zones and times became inaccurate so I gave up although I have recently discovered there is a way of changing that.


I changed phones earlier in the year so haven’t sorted the trip expenses apps on apple yet but some of those are useful if travelling with mates and keeping track. I like the ichangi app mainly for the longer internet connection time if you’re outside the lounges, xe currency app is useful.


As a side note we were in Singapore and downloaded an app called Goru. You could get data for good rates without changing SIM cards. My partner using android got his working but I had issues. There was a chat function to help problem solve and the guy was great but we were always going somewhere so I cut the chat short a couple of times and never got it working. Love the idea though.