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I just remembered – I met an Aussie in Italy and she’d been robbed by gypsies. The main station in Rome actually gives you a bad vibe. People loitering around – lots. Not doing much but waiting to entice a tourist, graffiti but really the loitering that got my back up. This poor lady had trained in and got into the elevator. A group of gypsies got in as well and were jostling about being loud, one had a baby and it wasn’t really until she got out she realised her handbag was part way open and wallet gone. She’d had her hands on her suitcase in the elevator. Apparently they can become quite aggressive. Anyway I admired this lady for boxing on with her trip as it was only day 3 into it! We hung out on the hop-on hop off together and went window shopping. It was cool 🙂 Anyway – if there’s too many dodgy people that seem to appear from nowhere don’t get into the elevator! Take the next one. I had read about them but totally forgot until I met this lady.

I think it was Vietnam also? I heard you can become surrounded by a crowd of people even on a scooter and they can take off with your scooter. Judging by the hoards of scooters/bikes it just looked too insane to even contemplate driving one of those things so we just walked.