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Ermm… I’m confused.

Did you end up on the QF flight Sydney to Santiago? then onwards? or are you flying QF to DXB then EK onwards?

What was your routing from Brazil back to ?(presumably Australia /NZ) on EK?


I prefer EK over QF generally but as far as I know it’s generally if Y is oversold and they are bumping flex tickets from Y to J and J to F etc. It used to go via QF status even if you bought the cheap seats but that seems to have changed and it now depends on the type of fare you’ve bought.


QF has PE and EK doesn’t which for me is only important on the SYD-JNB route as that’s probably the only route I’d seriously consider using QF. QF’s A330 business I think would beat an EK 777 business but that’s about it. I like the QF A330 Y seats especially the 2 seaters but I quite like EK’s A380 Y seats also so I’ll go with price.


QF aren’t known for giving out freebie upgrades although I’ve had one domestically but that was due to crap weather in SYD which meant subsequent flights were overloaded.


Either way the EK A380 bar is pretty cool. Hope you took a couple of pics.


Even on the EK site it generally tells you which airline you’re flying. I’d highly recommend checking into that especially long haul. I hate flying the surprise airline so I’m now more pedantic about that.


Despite Qantas being touted as one of (if not the most) safe airlines in the world I’m really starting to believe it’s pure luck they haven’t had any major fatalities. They certainly seem to be in the news for other airline maintenance reasons and a friend had awful stories to tell from someone that did maintenance for QF. I now value NZ’s safety record well above QF.