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I agree that AKL,WLG are the better Rydges properties with CHC in the middle. I honestly am always gob smacked by Auckland prices for any chain hotel. They’re generally horrendous. AKL and Welly peeve me off a bit from a parking perspective.


Not sure what you mean about resetting earnings every year. My account shows a cumulative total rather than a yearly total? Your points should last for 36 months. I have emailed them and I do think they’re somewhat on the slow side from a customer service perspective but they still seem to come up with the answers I want so far.


I’m a bit ‘so so’ on the welcome drinks side of things. Accor do the same but most of them are house wines, beers etc which generally stink so I go for the OJ or Coke Zero or forego the drink. I appreciate the thought though. I am sure Queenstown let me put it towards cocktails 😀 yum yum!


But the GHA properties are the gem in this programme along with the 50% off F&B. Even if you go once a year to a GHA property – consider it unforgettable. Aiming for Anantara Siem Reap next year. Apparently you can score some NZ APD with this also 🙂


If  I could have any bed in the world it would be a Rydges King sized Dreambed – sigh……