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True but for those that don’t reach significant status (or have enough points) then it’s not really worth booking direct unless it’s the cheapest rate in my opinion. Blue and silver get free wifi (which might be irrelevant depending on your NZ carrier and plan). There might be an extra bottle of water, some extra points and some other things but gold is really where things kick in like free breakky – we saved $240 in food over 3 days which was brilliant. I think the rooms were $188/night last year. For hotels I don’t have status with I’ll look at other portals. Was eye balling Hilton Auckland today and interestingly it was cheaper for the same room on hotels.com.


I’ve never stayed at Chateau on the park in Christchurch. Might make an effort one day but suspect I won’t be back. Maybe you could be the volunteer guinea pig? 😛 I’ve only stayed at DT in Queenstown as a Hilton member so not sure about benefits to non-member guests. But I presume most Kiwi’s have internet on their phones and a bottle of water you can get from outside the hotel eg five mile centre. I love free parking, adjoining rooms if needed, a little kitchenette and great beds. Have a Hilton Queenstown stay early August so will be interesting to see what that’s like. Partner has already stayed but was ermm…. hungover and doesn’t remember much about the room! I’ve seen prices down to $129 for DT and $171 for Hilton in Queenstown booking direct which are thoroughly worthwhile even without status (as long as it’s the cheapest). I really like that it’s on the other side of the lake from the main town with nice walking trails. That and I am the biggest amenity thief 🙂 Air NZ had a nice deal on about a year ago with free breakfast for 2 at DT for $196? Anyway, always good to keep your eye out for a quick weekend away.


I know Hilton changed their program not so recently but I’m yet to even really look at it.


The entertainment book can be good for various travel discounts. I have heard of lastminuteaccommodation deals but not the LMT club so will keep an eye out although I’m tempted to book direct if the free breakky benefits or any double points promo’s outweigh the slightly lower price of other portals. Just depends.