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Hmmm 500 points immediately in account which equates to $5eVoucher to redeem on parking. Prefer Air NZ parking I think but I guess it’s one of those things where if you’re going to buy duty free or spend $ at the airport anyway then you may as well swipe your phone/card anyway and see what comes of it.


Download the Auckland Airport App and within that lies the Strata Club info.


1NZD = 1 Strata point.

500 points = $5eVoucher to redeem on Emperor Lounge or parking.

Partner promo’s eg if you like the alcohol on offer.

For tier benefits it looks like pay for car park E and get upgraded to A for stays 3-10 days.

Points only valid for 3 yrs.


AIA also combines info with your tripit app apparently.


There’s other info in there but I think these are the ones I’d find useful.