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Those do sound good (oops that was in reply to drajk’s Sofitel Mel status recognition).


I stayed at the Novotel Christchurch some time ago before status and got the heebie jeebies being on a high floor and feeling like the ground was moving so I’ve never been back! The room was nice though, thought lobby was small so I now head elsewhere in Christchurch.


Sofitel Sentosa gave us the welcome drinks, late check out, and zilch in the way of room upgrades. Booooooooo!


Novotel airport has given higher floor rooms. All still looks the same in terms of the actual rooms as other floors. Been offered breakfast but realistically I had to scoot before breakfast even started. Also made a decision really late to stay out by the airport and anyway got to the room and had a card addressed to someone else in the room – haha! It is nice getting a card or a hello from the manager. Also received the welcome drink. Never needed to use late checkout.


I haven’t stayed at the Ibis yet. I was thinking that Mercure down Auckland CBD should really rebrand as an Ibis as it’s around that level.


No matter how you look at it though Accor are very prevalent throughout NZ. Stayed at Mercure in Dunedin. I don’t remember any other chain hotels down there. It’s a bit dated but it was ok. Early/late checkouts are valuable to me. The drinks tend to be house wine and beer etc so if I use it then usually go OJ or a soft drink.


Still have some other stays I’m looking forward to like Sofitel Auckland although it’s during the rugby so chances of getting an upgrade I think are slim.