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Oops maybe I should have posted here. It looks like the shorthaul RU and unpublished (but still a benefit) xmas gift is missing from the Airpoints Elite write up.


What sort of giveaways are we talking about? 🙂


Will there be a comments section below reviews?


Will you cover award flying? eg AA, Avianca where you purchase the miles to fly?


Will other carriers also have their own sections given they fly into NZ eg SQ, EK, QR, AA, CX or will you wait to see how many threads develop and then split them off at a later date?


Will there be anything on promo’s from airlines flying into NZ? eg QR was offering gold if you flew EU with them with one J trip (normally 2) and also had a ‘kids fly free’ with one / parent or are you leaving that to other blogs? Would have given someone OW status in one flight.


Will you cover credit card deals? I got my partner to sign up for AMEX when they were offering 800 APD and a free flight – then we ditched it. Mind you there isn’t a lot on offer in NZ compared to other countries but still good to know or work the angle if its beneficial. The annual fee was $395 so the sign up was a no brainer and I had long haul flights to book.

I think highlighting the intricacies of the different programs would be beneficial to travellers eg NZ regional gotta go fares, VA’s cancellation policy puts me off booking with them if flying from a separate PNR, the ability to put flights into travel credit with Qantas is a bonus.


Will there be non airline travel topics?

A useful section on various ways to get to the airport eg shuttles, bus, ferry and what people use I think would be great. Queenstown I’ve always hired cars or taken a taxi but have noticed the bus route seems reasonable also. I hear Skybus in Auckland is on tender hooks. It really stinks since they added in the change of bus in Queen St. But travel options to and from the various airports is also useful.


Will you cover hotel programs?


Just a few ideas as seen on other forums. Travel is such a massive topic. NZ centric would be great but it’s hard not to branch out to other airlines.


Maybe a bit odd ball but sometimes I have thought to myself – no one fly day is like the other despite doing the same routes etc. Would be cool to know how people’s flights were or they could post pictures if there was something different? Not reviews as such but just little tid bits of info. Or would that make it too social? I don’t know if you want to stick with more factual info.